The strengthening competition between regions demands the defining and strengthening of distinctive positive features, and also identity formation. One of the tools for positive reputation receiving is creation of the brand. The brand assumes that the consumer will receive in advance some expected set of characteristics, thus, risks at decision-making decrease.


The most known and clear business models on the Russian market are B2B and B2S. Many companies got used to interaction within these two models, however new business models are B2G, and G2B began to gain a wide popularity not so long ago.


The geomarketing products market today solves the problems of trade and service objects placement and functioning. The market of commercial real estate grows with very high rates: in post-crisis 2011-2013 rates of commercial objects commissioning growth were equal to 13-21%.


Foreign investments attraction and coproduction creation involve many positive changes: they lead to transfer of technologies and skills, promote the exchange of researches results, facilitate access to the world market and help the brand promotion, stimulate creation of new workplaces and export growth, provide currency receipts.


The second half of the twentieth century in Russia was connected with large-scale industrial construction. First of all, the enterprises producing means of production (production of construction materials, mechanical engineering, processing of metals, chemical industry) were created, but also light industry, woodworking, pulp and paper industry showed high rates.