In recent years in Russia there is an adverse economic situation which reflects adversely on the investment climate of the country. Since 2014, investments into the fixed capital decreased in the Russian Federation. Moreover, rates of this decrease increased from 1,5% in 2014 to 8,4% in 2015. As a result in 2015 the total amount of investments into the fixed capital in nominal terms amounted to14 trillion rub.


Construction industry is one of the most important constituent parts of GDP of the country, and condition of this industry reflects in many respects the current situation on the Russian market. In recent years this type of economic activity is characterized by a slow recession which strengthened in the first quarter of 2016.


The National rating of investment climate in RF subjects was published for the first time in 2014. As opposed to other business environment research, it is an instrument to evaluate the current conditions for conducting business and the efforts, made by regional authorities to improve them.


The more demands are made to the new methods of cadastral valuation, the greater the risk of getting an unexplainable result.

The Government threatens to carry another reform of cadastral valuation. Private evaluators are kept away from this process, as the new methods are supposed to eliminate all the problems with unfair taxation. But the low quality of cadaster data, dependence on budget pumping up requirements, falling out of a considerable amount estate facilities from the taxation turnover make us doubt about the suggested measures validity. Business people and the citizens are getting ready to another experiment with fear.

Source: Forbes.ru.


At the moment on the territory of the Far East there are three special economic zones (SEZ): port "Sovetskaya Gavan", tourist and recreational "Russky Island", industrial and production "Vladivostok".