Subsidies is a perfect way to attract funds to the business during the crisis. Today, primarily, within the state programs subsidies are granted by the Ministry of Economic development, Monpromtorg, profile ministries (for example, Mintrans, Minselkhoz or Minkomsvyaz”). Besides, support to business in such a way is provided by the regional and local power authorities. 


Relations development with China is the key agenda for the Russian external economic policy today. Thus, it is necessary to mark that upon the fact there is a certain concepts confusion in relationship between the countries. So, communications development with China is in many respects caused by deterioration of the relations of our state with the western countries, and China does not really suit such a provision like "a reserve". China is not a replacement to Europe, but a perspective economic center.


Today, when the role of the financial capital in innovative projects (especially IT industries) is not always rather high and when sales can be organized with techniques of "guerrilla marketing" use, and it is possible to work directly without leaving the house, the ideas come to the forefront, and the teams – the projects creators, – is the intellectual resource Russia is so proud of.


The Government of the Russian Federation set the strategic task for IT industry: to replace the foreign software by the domestic PS, and to prepare up to 1 million IT specialists in the medium-term prospect. Such a decision was expected both from the point of view of personnel, and from the point of view of technological safety. According to statements of the Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications, the Russian software developers occupy only 1,4% of their total in the world at the moment. The USA, India and China are the leaders by this parameter.


Recently, we could observe some processes undermining the architecture of the world oil market settled in the last 15 years. Thus, So, by the middle of April, 2015 the world prices for oil established in the range of 62-65 dollars/barrel., thus in January the average price made 50 dollars/barrel. In the previous year, in April, 2014 oil was bargained, on average, at the level of 108 dollars/barrel.