The world market of merge and absorption transactions endures boom: in 2015 the sum of transactions exceeded 5 trillion dollars that was higher the record parameter of 2007 – 4,6 trillion dollars. This year became the record by the number of megatransactions, the sum of each exceeded 5 billion dollars – about 100 transactions have been recorded.


In recent years Public-private partnership (PPP) mechanism is widely used in Russia within the large-scale infrastructure projects implementation. The essence of PPP consists in mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation of public and private party, i.e. between the state and the investor which becomes possible due to association of resources and risks distribution


One of strategically important problems of the Russian economy development is increase of regions role regarding innovative development and production modernization. For its solution the government has decided to use innovative territorial clusters format, widespread in foreign practice with proved high efficiency.


Soy is considered especially valuable culture not only in the Russian plant growing, but also in animal breeding, generally at the expense of its unique biochemical composition and high protein content. Soybeans are processed and used as one of compound feeds component for birds and cattle, and products of deep processing are applied in the food industry (including confectionery, bakery products, meat products production). The main regions of soy cultivation are the Far East, Central and Southern Federal Districts traditionally. Over the last 5 years its gross collecting in Russia has increased almost twice to 2,8 million tons.