Japan is one of the largest investors on the world market, foreign direct investments as of the end of 2013 made 117,7 billion yens. On the other hand, the country is still rather closed for foreign investments, even despite the pursued of openness increase policy: direct investments receipt from abroad for the end of 2013 made about 18 billion yens. Compared to 2012 the parameter did not change almost whereas investments abroad increased by 31%.


The most popular georeference book in Russia is 2GIS it operates in 220 cities, also the service started in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Cyprus and in the Czech Republic, the introduction is planned in Chile and the United Arab Emirates.


The changeable progress of IT outsourcing in public sector is caused by two important interdependent factors, first of which is demand for outsourcing in principle.


High rates of economic growth of east neighbors of Russia make this region attractive from the point of view of investments search for development of the Far East and formation of the integrated approach to high-quality high-tech development of Far East territories question as parts of the Asian-Pacific Region.


Construction of a modern stadium is a difficult developer project with large-scale investments today. Successful projects, as a rule, are examples of a flexible financial scheme, rational planning and effective management. But often future cash flows revaluation, excessive ambitions and corruption turn stadium into unprofitable unfinished construction actually or a slow giant with lack of prospects on further full opportunities use.