Yesterday Igor Shuvalov held a meeting on approaches to the priority "One-factory towns" direction project offer forming.

Approaches to the project implementation of the one-factory towns complex development included into the list of the priority directions by Council under the President of the Russian Federation for strategic development and priority projects were discussed at the meeting.


Development of the financial market is one of the most important tasks of the country. Economic growth of the country is impossible without availability of financial resources to the entities of all economy industries, first of all at the expense of participation and debt financing and risks insurance. As a result of external financing sources availability decrease and reduction of prices for raw materials from the middle of 2014 the increasing number of organizations pays attention to internal financing sources. Therefore tasks of domestic investors stimulation and favorable conditions for their functioning creating come to the forefront at the present stage of the financial market development.


In the last two years stagnation is observed on the real estate market. The solvent demand of the population for housing has considerably decreased as a result of real wages level reduction by 9,5%. Following the results of 2015 the offer of residential real estate on the market of the Moscow region has increased by 1,5 times, having reached 7,1 million sq. m. by the beginning of 2016. Due to the obvious imbalance of the demand and supply the cost of all types of housing has decreased by 10-15%.


Eight of ten Russian regions do not want to change the industrial policy. The budget of 80 percent of the territories in 2025 will be created of the same industries like today.


Volume of the world marketing researches market increases constantly. According to the data of the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), in 2014 the market increased by 26% compared to 2010 having reached 43 billion dollars. At the same time Russian market of marketing researches was growing even faster and amounted to 430 mln. dollars in 2013. However, the last two year stagnation was marked in the marketing researches field, when strengthened in 2015: the market volume in dollar terms decreased by 38% compared to 2014, having decreased to 236 mln. dollars.