On March 2, 2017 experts of KPI Holding have participated in the seminar of the Association of Industrial Parks (AIP) "Tools and practices of the effective industrial park functioning organization".


Roman Karaulov, the chairman of the board of directors of KPI Holding, and Kirill Zaytsev, the Executive director of KPI Holding, participated in the official events of the Russian investment forum "Sochi-2017" which was taking place from February 27 to February 28, 2017 in the main media center of the Olympic Park.


Kirill Zaytsev, the commercial director of KPI Holding is appointed the executive director of KPI Holding since January 26, 2017.


Dear friends, colleagues, partners!

The departing 2016 year was rich in events as for KPI Holding as for the country and domestic business in general.


The last meeting of the fifth session of the State Council of Republic of Crimea has taken place on December 28, 2016 in Simferopol.



In recent years the Russian insurance market had many problems. Due to the insufficient transparency of the market, low standards of some organizations activity, increased number of fraud and complaints to work of the companies cases (especially regarding the CMTPL) mistrust of insurers to the market players increased.


In 2014 The Government of RF agreed the state program "Industry development and its competitiveness increase" the goal of which is stable and structurally balanced industry creation in the country and development of new innovation products markets for the economy development. One of the components of this program is "Industrial parks" subprogram which is aimed to develop industrial parks, technical parks and industrial clusters – points of economical and industrial development of the regions.


Difficulties in economy, adverse investment climate and currencies rate fluctuations had a storng impact on the labor market. Labor demand was chaotic: steady periods were replaced by rises and recessions, employers salary proposals fluctuated and expectations of job seekers decreased. At the same time requirements to job seekers raised: most of employers relied not on quantity, but on efficiency of manpower.


Questions of Russian regions development become more and more urgent. The balanced and sustainable social and economic development of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and Russia in general is impossible without the accurate reference points reflecting the desirable image of future in the long term. In regional government the main role of this image forming, determination of the priority directions and specific purposes is carried out by strategic planning therefore efficiency of all management activity depends on its quality.