Kirill Zaytsev is appointed the executive director of KPI Holding


Kirill Zaytsev, the commercial director of KPI Holding is appointed the executive director of KPI Holding since January 26, 2017.

Kirill Zaytsev held various positions in the structures of the Holding since 2010, has a wide experience of interaction with authorities of all levels, organizations of business support infrastructure, subjects of business activity in real sector of the economy of the Russian Federation.

Since 2014 he was the Commercial director and the board member of KPI Holding and was responsible for involvement of new state and private expert services customers of the Holding, cooperation development with the current key contractors, KPI Holding projects portfolio's expansion on all consulting products, new business directions development.

In his new role Kirill Zaytsev will significantly broaden the sphere of the powers and responsibility areas, being responsible for all complex of the tasks connected with all current operating and perspective activities of the consulting block of the Holding.