Improvement of the insurance market in Russia


In recent years the Russian insurance market had many problems. Due to the insufficient transparency of the market, low standards of some organizations activity, increased number of fraud and complaints to work of the companies cases (especially regarding the CMTPL) mistrust of insurers to the market players increased.

For the solution of the problems designated above the state has made the decision on the insurance market improvement consisting in toughening of supervision over organizations activity. The policy of the regulator of the branch – the Central Bank of Russia – is directed to market sanitation as a result of which the branch will have only really operating enterprises with necessary financial stability for long-term presence on the market. For implementation of this purpose amendments to the existing legislation, and also new regulations and documents have been adopted.

Among the main changes it is possible to mark the introduction of special depositaries, curators appointment, toughening of requirements to the financial solvency and assets quality, transition to the new reporting standards, and also the binding character of the accession to self-regulatory organization (SRO) of insurers (the All-Russian union of insurers intends to turn into it by the middle of 2016) since July, 2015).

Thus, the insurers of life and the company are engaged in obligatory insurance types are now obliged to place assets through special depositaries. This institute is an additional control instrument as in case of violations identification the depositaries are obliged to report on them to the Central Bank for acceptance of the appropriate measures.

In June, 2015 there has begun the work of the institute coaching: for the companies from the TOP 100 curators, the qualified personnel with experience in insurance branch, which has to estimate position of insurers have been appointed and in due time reveal risks and problems for purpose of the individual format of control and supervising actions in their relation. The duty of curators includes information collection about the owners and affiliates, corporate structure, and also reporting, actuarial and audit reports, forecasts for development. After this mechanism introduction the analysis by the Bank of Russia has became systematical, but not fragmentary.

as of the beginning of 2015 out of 404 companies were presented at the market at the end of the year. At the same time in 2016 the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has continued the policy on supervision toughening. So, according to the plan by the end of the year curators will be appointed in all companies, the library of insurers business plans will be created, profiles of the separate companies will be made. Also this year insurers have to pass to the new book of accounts, transfer the reporting to the XBRL format and pass completely to the electronic document flow.

In addition to the bill on the authorized capitals increase of the insurers is introduced to the State Duma. For example, the companies carrying out only medical insurance will have to increase the AC from 60 to 120 million rubles. Other insurers will have to raise the AC from 120 to 300 million rubles, and reinsurers – from 480 to 600 million rubles. As experts mark, the minimum authorized capital increase will lead to large federal companies strengthening and, unfortunately, will not promote emergence the niche players rendering services to certain client segments on the market which due to various reasons cannot serve large companies.

Despite the measures rigidity, the main participants of the market in general support the consistent state policy on the market improvement. In the last year in generally the market was abandoned by small insurance businesses the exit of which remained almost unnoticed for the clients. It is expected that as a result of the applied measures by the end of 2016 there will be already about 200 companies on the Russian market . At the same time insurers who will manage "to survive" will work already at absolutely other qualitative level, have other business architecture as close as possible to the European companies. As a result of business processes optimization and insolvent players leaving the transparency of the market will increase that finally will lead to the trust of clients increase to insurers.

Table 1. The list of the insurers conforming to requirements of article 15.2 of the Federal law dated 30.12.2004 No. 214-FZ "About participation in shared-equity construction of apartment houses and other real estate objects and about amendments introduction to some acts of the Russian Federation" dated 24.06.2016

Name of the insurer License to carry out insurance Individual Taxpayer Number
1. «Regionalnaya Strakhovaya Kompaniya» LLC
SI № 0072 1832008660
2. «VSK» Insurance JSK
SI № 0621 7710026574
3. «Insurance Company «PARI» JSC
SI № 0915 7704041020
4. «Ingosstrakh» Insurance Public JSC
SI № 0928 7705042179
5. «Insurance group «UralSib» JSC
SI № 0983 7703032986
6. «Moskovskaya aktsionernaya strakhovaya kompaniya» CJSC
SI № 1427 7709031643
7. «Public JSC «ENERGOGARANT» Public JSC
SI № 1834 7705041231
8. «AlfaStrakhovanie» PJSC SI № 2239 7713056834
9. «Absolut Strakhovanie» JSC
SI № 2496 7728178835
10. «Insurance Company «RSJHB- Strakhovanie » JSC
SI № 2947 3328409738
11. Insurance Society «VERNA»
SI № 3245 7723011286
12. Insurance company «VTB Strakhovanie» LLC SI № 3398 7702263726
13. «BIN Strakhovanie» LLC SI № 3487 7717115093
14. «Insurance Company «RESPECT» LLC SI № 3492 7743014574
15. «Potrebitelskoe obschestvo vzaimnogo strakhovaniya grazhdanskoy otvetstvennosti zastroyschikov» NPO
VS № 4314 7722401371

Source: Central Bank of RF

Table 2. Insurance premiums and payments under insurance contracts, the insured sum under the signed and existing insurance contracts, and the number of the signed and existing insurance contracts declared and settled insured events in the first half of 2016.

Name Insurance premiums (contributions) for insurance contracts, thousand rubles Number of insurance contracts, pieces The insured amount under insurance contracts, thousand rubles
Payments under insurance contracts, thousand rubles
Выплаты по договорам страхования, тыс. руб.
Voluntary and obligatory insurance (except obligatory medical insurance) – total 589 710 035 71 719 179 26 890 167 218 115 10 310 238 244 823 399
I. Voluntary insurance
Life insurance 88 845 767 2 162 000 1 032 170 080 319 488 13 097 555  
Pension insurance 675 538 2 273 1 284 939 253 136 579 833  
Insurance different from life insurance 371 508 945 50 810 295 204 012 927 078 8 603 399 147 648 929  
Personal insurance (except life insurance) 142 164 477 28 259 412 77 545 161 486 7 740 415 55 397 840  
Property insurance 229 344 468 22 550 883 126 467 765 592 862 984 92 251 089  
II. Obligatory insurance
Obligatory personal insurance 10 461 700 9 6 637 579 861 27 346 6 123 507  
Obligatory property insurance 118 893 623 18 746 875 26 678 484 541 096 1 360 005 77 953 408

Source: Central Bank of RF

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