Geomarketing is rather new discipline in the sphere of marketing allowing to make reasonable decisions for business development, expansion and management of a marketing network by means of geospatial data analysis.


Self-regulatory organizations are non-profit organizations which unite the subjects of business activity working in a certain branch or acting in one market or subjects of professional activity of a certain type. The main idea of self-regulation consists in control and supervising functions ver of the market participants activity transfer to SRO by the state.


SEO (search engine optimization or search optimization) is a package of measures for the website optimization directed at search results elevation according to certain inquiries of the user of the promoted website. The higher website position in search delivery, the more interested users visit it. Thus, search optimization is necessary for both information and commercial resources: for the first – traffic increase, for the second – potential clients involvement.


Territorial branding (branding of places) is the strategy of certain territories competitiveness improvement (cities, areas, regions, countries) directed at various target groups of "users" involvement: new inhabitants, tourists, investors, qualified labor. The main objective of the strategy is material and non-material resources provision of the territory increase as a result of getting the message of its uniqueness across vast audience.


During the past four years, dynamics of retail trade turnover of Russia is characterized by a positive trend while the rate of growth decreased in contrary. Thus, in 2011 the parameter increased by 16%, and the expected rate of growth in 2014 amounts to 9% (according to Intesco Research Group analysts, retail trade turnover in 2014 exceeds 25 000 billion rubles). At the same time, the market share in total retail trade amounts to 2%.