According to Association of industrial parks, in 2013 number of the operating industrial parks in Russia made 45 objects that exceeds the parameter of 2012 by quarter. 56 more parks were under construction. Industrial parks were located in 40 regions of Russia. Location in industrial park is the most profitable for the productions needing an expensive infrastructure, such as, for example, waste treatment facilities for chemical industry.


Problems of companies associated to administrative solutions originated from a whole range of reasons.


Investment projects financing in Russia is still rather restricted. Self-financing, budgetary financing, incorporating, credit financing (including leasing) are distinguished in the world practice in general.


Placement of open data and their use by government and local authorities entered the active phase recently: the decree on the need of it appeared in 2012 only. The information environment of the city or region contains huge volumes of information which can be used in strategic planning on different levels.


The analysis of diverse information in the spatial section can be demanded for the strategic tasks solution at the company. Where a new subsidiary can be opened? Does the retail network work effectively? How to optimize the logistics? Where can we place object of commercial real estate?