What is geoinformation cluster?


The most popular georeference book in Russia is 2GIS it operates in 220 cities, also the service started in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Italy, Cyprus and in the Czech Republic, the introduction is planned in Chile and the United Arab Emirates. Modern geoinformation in big city provides information confidence, and greater mobility of citizens. Besides, private and state companies cannot do without geoinformation. However, the other GIS having social and economic and geopolitical information are necessary for this level.

Along with active development of GIS-technologies and the growing need for geoinformation for authorities and business the idea of geoinformation cluster creation appeared. So far, in Russia there is only one in Kirov. The cluster unites the enterprises leading in the sphere of geoinformatics and information technologies, such as: "Research institute of computer aids", "REKOD" scientific and production corporation — the company representing Roskosmos in Moscow, "Kirovgiprozem" and "Center of Information Technologies" regional institution. The same enterprises became the founders of non-profit partnership, and Vyatka state and Vyatka state humanitarian Universities became the cluster scientific link.

The geoinformation cluster issue is association of the best resources in the sphere of space and geoinformation technologies to the benefit of social and economic development and improvement of population life quality of Kirov region. The cluster is urged to improve the situation in such branches as power, housing and communal services, environmental management and environment monitoring, real estate, land resources, agriculture, water resources, road infrastructure and others, and to promote regional and municipal government improvement.

Essentially, the cluster was the regional tool for performance of V. V. Putin the president provisions. In the beginning of 2014 he signed the document "Bases of the State Policy in the field of Space Activity Use Results in Interests of Economy of the Russian Federation and Its Regions Modernization and Development for the Period until 2030". Provisions of this document became the incentive for even more active creation of regional geographic information systems (RGIS). RGIS are the basis of effective transition to electronic document flow and further application of coordinate and time navigation field with client applications. Besides, the cluster purpose is development commercialization. That is technologies sale to specific users — in forestry, real estate and others, however 2/3 of orders today belong to the public sector share.

In Russia similar centers in the geoinformation sphere develop in 10 regions approximately. Kazan can serve the example where the IT Park works. In fact, the cluster is a certain base for creation of IT Park, the basic step on the way to the region IT technologisation. Most likely, in the nearest future such clusters will gain development in much bigger number of regions and will become the regional platform of spatial data infrastructure.