Regional geographic information system — the G2G model tool


The most known and clear business models on the Russian market are B2B and B2S. Many companies got used to interaction within these two models, however new business models are B2G, and G2B began to gain a wide popularity not so long ago.

The last model became the interest for the companies from the telecommunications sphere. The G2B concept reveals more clearly in translation from English: Government-to-business — the government to business. The model is presented by a set of program and hardware tools for online interaction implementation of executive power and commercial structures for the purpose of business support and development. It is possible to refer information websites of the authorities to the G2B tools, systems of electronic purchases, and also geoinformation services. The scheme G2C is close to this model (to Government-to-citizens — the state to citizens). Best of all these interactions are reflected by the electronic services development level.

In 2014 Russia ranked 27th in E-government development rank rating of the UN and compared to 2012 remained at the same level. Though in 2010 the country ranked 59th. Such a breakthrough was provided by improvement of the position by the level of electronic services development and ICT infrastructure.

In addition to G2B and G2C there is one more model — G2G (Government-to-government — the state for the state). In this aspect the most actual development are regional geographic information systems. They are intended as for internal access to industry spatial data (effective interdepartmental interaction), as for the access to information of citizens and economic entities. Regional GIS, investment maps play an important role in interaction with investors.

For example, the integrated regional information system in Kaluga region was created in 2009, then the first stage started. It consists of several parts. First, it is regional infrastructure of spatial data including regional system of coordinate and time geodetic support. Secondly, regional navigation and information system, and the third subsystem is a regional complex of town-planning activity ensuring.

Today RGIS of Kaluga region cooperates closely with various ministries of the region: economic development, agriculture, road economy, natural resources, ecology and improvement and others. The geographic information system is useful while the   conversion of the land category on the territory of the region, choice of investment platforms for production placement, assessment of agricultural lands use etc.

However at the same time GIS is not the tool for ready solutions issue, but the means accelerating and increasing efficiency of decision-making procedure. Kaluga region is one of the most striking examples among the Russian regions by efficiency of investments attraction that is also the parameter of information services introduction success.

In the long term the G2G model, and along with it information services will function not only within one state, but also between the countries that partly occurs already. Thus, Russia will be able to become more open and free in the world economic and geopolitical space.