Comprehensive introduction of the Standard of investment climate

Presentation – Introduction of the Standard (.PDF)

The Standard of activities of public authorities of a subject of RF on improving investment climate, developed by “Agency for strategic initiatives” together with “Business Russia”.

In accordance with the order of President V. V. Putin by results of the State Council (On increasing investment attractiveness of regions, December 27, 2012)  the Standard is to be introduced in subjects of RF by the end of 2013.

Chiefs of subjects of the Russian Federation bear personal responsibility for introduction of the Standard. The activities of chiefs of subjects of RF will be annually assessed by 21 rates in accordance with the Order of the Government of RF №2096-р of 15.11.2012. One of them is the number of paragraphs of the Standard introduced in the region:

  1. Investment strategy of the region
  2. Plan of creation of investment objects and infrastructure in the region
  3. Annual address of the highest-ranking official of a subject of RF
  4. Legal act on protection of investors and mechanisms for support of investment activities
  5. Council on improving the investment climate
  6. Specialized organization for attracting investment and work with investors
  7. Ready infrastructure for production investment projects
  8. System for preparation of specialists required by investors
  9. Bilingual investment web-portal
  10. Support of investors in the one-stop-shop mode
  11. Investment declaration of the region
  12. Assessment of regulating impact of regulations concerning business activities
  13. System of training employees of profile executive authorities
  14. Inclusion of entrepreneurs into the body for tariff regulation of regions
  15. Direct communications between investors and administration of a subject of RF

Our Holding has wide experience both in comprehensive integration of the Standard and introduction of its certain components (development of an Investment strategy, interactive Investment map of the region from the Plan for creation of investment objects and infrastructure objects, investment portal, creation and improvement of work of a specialized organization on attracting investment and work with investors, creation of the one-stop-shop for work with investors, etc.). Since 2011 we have been actively studying best practices of introduction of the Standard in regions of Russia.

We are ready to help you to introduce the components with launching of which you might face difficulties. As experience with introduction of the Standard in regions shows, there will be such components.

Taking the abovementioned into account, it is necessary during 2013:

  1. To form a working group for introduction of the Standard;
  2. To conduct analysis od quality of the existing investment climate in the region, assessment of correspondence of activities of executive bodies of the region to the requirements of the Standard;
  3. To develop an Investment strategy of the region (as the most important component) in accordance with the requirements of the Standard;
  4. To carry out a set of works on introduction of the rest 14 components of the Standard.

According to preliminary estimates, the term for conducting the works makes up from 5 to 18 months.

The cost of works depends on the quantity of documents to be developed and creation of new institutions in the region.