Industrial Parks

An industrial park is a set of real estate objects of the total square of not less than 20000 sq. meters and infrastructure operated by a single operator and providing conditions for effective work of small- and medium-size enterprises. IP is the best tool for attracting industrial investment.

Obligatory features of an Industrial Park:

  • Land (a kind of permitted use: industrial land).
  • Specialized objects of capital construction.
  • Engineering infrastructure.
  • A managing company.
  • Legal terms (category of land, kind of permitted use of land and buildings, coordination with services on issues of fire and ecological safety, meeting regulations and requirements specified by law).

KP Company has unique experience in the field of integrated implementation of turn-key projects for creation of industrial parks, starting from choosing the place of the future Park up to attracting investment to construction of the Park, attraction of residents and management of the operating Park.

The experience has been proved by a number of implemented projects in Russia (more than 10) and abroad (Germany, Luxembourg and Kazakhstan).

We understand deep economic and investment processes taking place in the Russian Federation as well as peculiarities of the investment climate of regions.

In this connection we offer a set of works on creating a network of industrial parks: development of the Strategy of creation and development of a network of industrial parks in the territory of a RF Region. Choosing places for creation of industrial parks.

In relation to each of projects of industrial parks we offer the following set of stages:

  1. Developing the concept of the industrial park.
  2. Managing the creation of infrastructure and facilities of the industrial park.
  3. Search for and attraction of residents of the industrial park.
  4. Managing the industrial park.
  5. Attracting finances for creation and development of the industrial park.
  6. Attracting finances to projects of residents of the industrial park.

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