VI Business forum "Financing of the Real Sector of Economy"


Vladislav Varyanik The board member of KPI Holding took part in the work of the VI Business forum "Financing of the Real Sector of Economy" which took place on 15.07.2015 in Moscow.

Vladislav Varyanik made the report "Investment municipality: the review of local government successful practices" within the « Business Role in Regional and Municipal Infrastructure Development» session, during which the following issues were discussed:

  • Development of regional infrastructure before the football WC - 2018. What is the role of domestic business in infrastructure plans implementation before the Football World Cup-2018?
  • Where do municipal projects take money? Financing source and municipal and private partnership
  • How to combine effectively issues of regional tourist infrastructure development: economic growth, business strengthening and increase of cultural and recreational potential?
  • Infrastructure and the city improvement : technologies and approaches of new generation
  • Improvement of economic and financial mechanisms directed at investment appeal increase of road and transport infrastructure in municipalities of Russia
  • Institutionalization of real estate objects and land plots
  • Ecological aspect of new infrastructure objects construction