Working visit to “Severny” industrial park


On August 4, 2015 Kirill Zaytsev the Board member of KPI Holding and Igor Chuvardinsky the Head of investment projects department of KPI Holding visited "Severny" industrial park with a working visit which is one of the first successful parks in Russia.

During the visit, KPI Holding staff examined the site for construction of the second turn park, discussed the plans for this project development and necessary infrastructure construction.

We will remind that today the total area of the park makes 24 hectares where productions of twenty two residents are located. Synthetic sapphire, ventilating systems, confectionery, ready medicines, printing products, stomatologic materials and many other things are produced on the territory of "Severny" industrial park. The feature of the park is the biopharmaceutical cluster of Belgorod Region created from scratch. The following pharmaceutical resident enterprises of the park became a kernel of the cluster: "PIK-FARMA LEK" JSC , "NPF-VIK" JSC and "Belfarmakom" JSC.

Also on the territory of "Severny" industrial park energy saving technologies production business incubator operates. This business incubator represents the "Power effective house" and production rooms for the small enterprises implementing projects in the field of energy saving.

Staff of KPI Holding examined the site for construction of the second turn of park with a total area of more than 10 Hectares. This territory building raised borrowed funds at MSP-bank. Construction of not less than 20 000 sq.m. of floor spaces to the termination of 1 quarter 2016 is planned. The credit line was signed with "MSP bank" JSC in 2015 for the sum of 300 million rubles with for the period of 7 years under 12,5%.

A special attention should be paid to the social block of industrial park built by management company. Now a Kindergarten for children of the residents' personnel of the park for 40 places and the hostel for residents' employees for 100 people are under construction.

Besides the above-mentioned objects presentation, the staff of KPI Holding was suggested to examine the engineering infrastructure of the park which includes treatment facilities, power distribution panel of 100 kW/hour, gas boiler room, system of water supply and water disposal, and also the power complex consisting of solar batteries which allows to save up to 20% of the electric power costs.

During the business meeting plans for the project of the second turn development and construction of necessary infrastructure were discussed.