KPI Holding Representatives have taken part in the InRussia-2016 conference


Kirill Zaytsev, The board member of KPI Holding, and Roman Stroganov, the Coordinator of interaction with partners block of KPI Holding, have participated in the international InRussia-2016 conference which has taken place on October 14, 2016 in Moscow. More than 350 representatives from 50 territorial subjects of the Russian Federation and 18 countries of the world have participated in the conference.The conference concept assumed the strengthening and expansion of business contacts and partner communications of domestic and international business in the format of B2B meetings and panel discussions. Representatives of the European business associations, foreign and domestic business, the Russian development institutes and federal authorities became the participants of discussions.

During the speeches foreign colleagues shared the plans with the Russian partners. So Matthias Schepp, the Head of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has reported that the German business plans to continue to localize in Russia. According to him, in 2017 more than 25 new projects will come to Russia, and more than 50 enterprises will expand business to the territory of Russia.

Participants of the conference have been represented the detailed information about the state support measures to the foreign business on the way to production localization on the territory of  Russia.