KPI Holding Participated in Organization of Advanced Training Course in “State Cadastral Evaluation”


Deputies KPI Holding CEO Viktor Zhurba and Natalia Kulakova and Head of Department of Real Estate Economics of KPI Holding Egor Kizyakin participated in organizing the advanced training course “State Cadastral Evaluation” at the “INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONAL TRAINING”.

The following lectures were read:

  • regulation in the field of state cadastral evaluation of land and mass real estate evaluation;

  • establishing cadastral cost of capital construction facilities;

  • establishing cadastral cost of land plots, parts of lands of residential areas;

  • establishing cadastral cost of land plots, parts of lands of manufacturing, power industry, transport, communications, radio and TV broadcasting, IT, lands for support of space activities, lands of defense, security and lands of other special uses;

  • reports on establishment of market costs individually for certain evaluation objects within state cadastral evaluation in case it is impossible to establish market cost by methods of mass evaluation.

The described educational program included discussing issues of both current legislation and its expected amendments due to preparation of the bill № 421531-6 “On amendments of the Federal Law “On evaluation activity in the Russian Federation” (as regards improving of state cadastral evaluation).