Prompt Russian venture


Innovations and venture investments are two different, but very closely interconnected systems. The innovative and venture complex existing in Russia today has been created during the last five years literally. At the state level innovations development and venture activity supporting programs were created; a small bench of investors set for different branches and stages; educational programs created gradually, innovative infrastructure in regions developed.

Innovation infrastructure in the country or in a certain region includes standard and legal system and the region policy, created science and technology parks and technopolises, business incubators and accelerators, financial institutions, consulting companies, educational and research complex and other. In such countries leading in innovations and venture as the USA and Great Britain, innovative infrastructure developed step for step with business requirements and mostly "from below" that is as business. Power authorities specialized generally in formation of flexible enough frame conditions in which similar initiatives could be freely implemented.

In Russia, on the contrary, many initiatives of innovative business and venture investment support and development went "from above" in recent years. The majority of the state initiatives, for example, on business incubators or accelerators creation has a wider range of tasks, besides opportunity to earn money on mutually advantageous conditions for the parties (though, eventually, such an ever elusive purpose in certain cases has to face future private projects). The key task of the state institutes is the society development: understanding of similar institutes value, primary association of separately living startups, business angels, large companies, experience exchange between regions according to scenarios of infrastructure formation and other.

Thus it is important to mark: in spite of the fact that the Russian venture market experiences really strong difficulties in connection with deep financial crisis, in recent years it grew several times. So, in 2014 Russia was among 50 leading countries in the global innovative rating of The Global Innovation Index. In 2012 Russia, according to EY, ranked second in Europe by the venture investments volume, and in 2013 the company put Russia on the first line by the level of business support change to the best in G-20 countries.

Thus, it is possible to tell that the state coped well with the first stage of innovations and venture development in the country. But on the agenda there are not less complex challenges of further market stimulation because the choice of evolutionary knowledge accumulation in view of still initial market stage will undoubtedly lead to growth rates reduction.