Industrial park as a form of the industry state support in Moscow region


Moscow region is an example of industrial territories effective development. Thus, the Investment program of the Moscow region Government "Development of industrial districts on the territory of Moscow region until 2015" came into effect in 2011 in the region, one of purposes of which is investment climate improvement and creation of conditions for the region appeal and competitiveness growth, and also new industrial productions organization and old industrial sites reorganization.

The mechanism of the Investment program specified purposes achievement is creation of industrial (industrial) parks representing the real estate objects complex provided with communications, roads, management, municipal and operational services for small and medium-sized enterprises placement. In fact, an industrial park represents the full range of services necessary for proper activity of the project participants (residents). An incentive for small and medium-sized business, along with the developed infrastructure of a new industrial park, are tax privileges extending on the taxes going to local and regional budgets — for profit, property, transport tax, land tax.

Other state support measures can include the delay on the investment and tax credits on regional taxes, subsidies for power and transport infrastructure creation or development, engineering infrastructure (for private industrial parks), equipping of industrial parks with the equipment, residents information and consulting support.

The industrial park in Moscow region is some kind of support and business mechanism and the region population because new workplaces creation and living standard improvement in the region is socially significant.

Today in Moscow region there are about 64 platforms under industrial parks. About 14 of them operate, 10 — under construction, 14 — projected and 26 — the planned platforms. According to the experts, the greatest interest of the residents is directed at 10–30 km from Moscow Ring Road in the western and northeastern direction that is connected with sales markets proximity and rather developed logistic infrastructure.

Meanwhile it is necessary to pay attention that all over the country there are no more than 240 platforms under industrial parks. It means that in Moscow region more than a quarter of all industrial parks is concentrated. In many respects it is connected with favorable location — proximity to the economic center of Russia that assumes intensive investments attraction into the region. It is necessary to pay attention that the majority of the operating industrial parks on the territory of Moscow region are private that is directly connected with investment appeal of the region.