Many-Faced Business Education


A basic product of the education system is a graduate of an educational establishment, on training of whom significant financial funds are spent. According to analysts of Intesco Research Group, the volume of budgetary expenditure on training one student of a higher professional educational establishment is 230-260 thousand rub. At that, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that effectiveness of budgetary expenditure increases in line with labour market trends.

However, often having a basic higher education is not enough to make a successful career. More often modern realities force specialists to obtain a higher business education. In Moscow business education (MBA and DBA) can be obtained, at least, in 34 higher educational establishments. At that, beside a standard program of general management, field-focused and functional specialized training courses have become widely spread. In Russia there are profile programs in finances, IT, logistics, marketing, HR. Among field-focused programs on the Russian market there are MBA with specialization in the field of real estate management, hotel and tourist business.

Quite recently there has been an event of great significance for business education – abolishment of state regulation of MBA programs. This measure made it possible to get rid of excessive theorizing, which was earlier required by the state. Besides, the period of MBA training decreased to 20 months.

Another form of modern business education is courses of advanced training on the basis of MBA program (mini-MBA) as long as 7-8 months. The program in Russia includes the most relevant disciplines, there work teachers involved in MBA training programs. Upon finishing the courses, a student is awarded a diploma of professional retraining.

As for the DBA program, only people with a higher education and either a МВА or ЕМВА diploma can study there. The program enrolls people having a degree of Cand. of Sc. in Economics and Management. Program graduates are awarded a Doctor of Business Administration diploma.

Training based on the DBA program usually consists of six-day on-site thematic sessions and self-directed learning of trainees in between.

For more information, please, see Business Plan of a Centre for Foreign Languages (with a Financial Model) by Intesco Research Group.

The given figures were calculated by analysts of Intesco Research Group based on official statistics.