Correlations: Scope of Construction and Concrete Production


Concrete is a well-known construction material for various structures, starting from residential buildings and ending with industrial and trade facilities. Nowadays there are several kinds of concrete mixtures depending on the type of adhesive: silicate, plaster, cement, slag-cement, polymer-cement and special ones. Besides, there are combined kinds of mixtures of two or three adhesives on the market.

However, the most widely used concrete in construction now is cement concrete, one of kinds of which is portland cement. Of relative popularity are concrete mixtures based on pozzolana cement and slag portland cement. Cement concretes also include decorative (made on the basis of white and coloured cements) mixtures, mixtures on the basis of self-stressing cement, as well as non-shrinking cement and aluminate cement.

Conventionally, Russian production of concrete is closely related to the consuming industry – construction. Concrete production by months vividly demonstrates the seasonal dynamics – maximum production volumes were observed in the second and third quarters of the year, in the period of active construction works. In winter months major construction works are almost impossible. On the whole, production of raw materials for concrete – cement, pebble, break stone and sand – behaves in the same way.

Indicators of Russian commercial concrete production demonstrated a stable growth in 2010-2012. During the given period the production increased almost twice. The area of commissioned buildings for the same period increased by 18.6 million m2 (or by 20%), with about 11.1 million m3 in 2012. In 2013 the growth rates for new buildings slowed down to 2%, while production of commercial concrete demonstrated a decrease by 27%.

Schedule 1. Development of commercial concrete production and dynamics of the area of commissioned buildings in 2009-2013

Development of commercial concrete production and dynamics of the area of commissioned buildings in 2009-2013

Source: Federal Service of State Statistics, Intesco Research Group

One should note that a half of all Russian production of commercial concrete is seen in the Central Federal District, where main regions driving the construction industry in the recent three years are located – Moscow and Moscow Region, as well as Krasnodar Krai with its active construction works. They are followed by Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg.

For more information, please, see Business Plans for Aerated Concrete Production (with a Financial Model) by Intesco Research Group.

The given figures were calculated by analysts of Intesco Research Group based on the official statistics.