XIII All-Russian forum "Strategic Planning in Regions and Cities of Russia"


Vladistav Varyanik the board member of "KPI" Holding participated in XIII All-Russian forum "Strategic Planning in Regions and Cities of Russia". Vladislav Vladimirovich made the report "Uniqueness of the region in strategic planning documents" on the «Territorial marketing is the effective mechanism of social and economic development strategy implementation" round table conference conducted during the forum.

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Summary of the report: Varyanik.pdf


V. V. Varyanik,

The deputy director of "Key Partner" JSC

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Summary of the report

Modern Russia consists of 85 entities, however most of entities has no own image. Strategic planning documents are developed without taking into account specific features of territories. Regions set identical purposes, define identical problems and make attempts to solve them in the identical ways without taking into account requirements of the population and business of the region. This approach to the strategic planning documents preparation results in low efficiency of their implementation or total absence of the development positive results.

Research of the region "uniqueness" has to become a new qualitative basis for strategic planning documents development. This approach will allow to define individual priorities of the region development, to create road maps on restrictions elimination (threats) of the region development and emphasis of the region advantages, to involve all interested persons in development and to make the region development the business of everyone! * The article is published in author's edition.