Social and economic development strategy of Republic of Crimea till 2030 developed by KPI Holding is agreed and will be approved until the end of the year


Victor Zhurba, the CEO of KPI Holding and Evgeny Magomedov, the deputy CEO of KPI Holding for development and public relations have participated in the meeting of Ministers Council of Republic of Crimea which has taken place on December 6, 2016 in Simferopol.

The bill of Social and Economic Development Strategy adoption of Republic of Crimea till 2030 became the central question of the meeting agenda.

The speaker of the State Council of Republic of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov has participated in the action.

The Minister of Economic Development of Republic of Crimea Valentin Demidov made a report on the work performed on the document preparation, expert and public discussions of the project strategy.

Victor Zhurba, addressing the participants of the meeting, marked the unique nature of expert community involvement into the process of the strategy development, the special status of the prepared document corresponding to high potential and a special status of Republic of Crimea as the territorial subject of the Russian Federation and thanked the colleagues for constructive collaboration during a year.

The bill will be considered and approved by the State Council of Republic of Crimea until the end of 2016. In more detail about the course of the strategy development and its basic provisions, comments of KPI Holding and Sergey Aksenov, the Head of Republic of Crimea, find in the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta":