Head of Department of Marketing Research, IRG, took part in TV program “Economy”


Yulia Shponkina, Head of the Department of Marketing Research of Intesco Research Group, acted as an expert in the TV program “Economy” on the channel “Moscow 24” dedicated to the market of lemonade.

During recent four years the production volume of lemonade in Russia has increased by a third, with the max. growth rate of 21% observed in 2010 and caused by abnormal summer heat. Soft drinks are offered by cafes and shops, shopping centers and kiosks. However, the basic channel of lemonade sales is shops. There several producers predominate, with foreign companies prevailing.

The TV program “Economy” reveals who controls the lemonade market in Russia, how tough today competition on the market of soft drinks is and whether our producers export lemonade to other countries.

Recorded TV program “Economy” http://www.m24.ru/videos/23739