“Economic policy of sustainable development” Seminar


On March 6th, 2015, The economic policy and economic security problems institute together with the Industrial policy Center at Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation carried out a scientific and practical seminar "Economic policy of sustainable development". "The Law on Industrial Policy and Real Industrial Policy in Russia" issue was considered at the seminar.

Specialists of the leading economic and scientific institutes and employees of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation participated in the seminar, ways of the new law on industrial policy implementation to the Russian Federation were planned. Vladislav Varyanik the Board member represented the KPI Holding.

The following questions were discussed at the seminar:

  1. What should be the main industrial policy vector: import substitution and internal demands satisfaction, or entry to foreign markets? What are the main risks of industrial policy implementation at both options?
  2. Is the variant of the industrial to <outstrip without pursuing> policy is possible? In what areas?
  3. Principles and mechanisms of producers selective support. How to solve this problem in the Russian realities?
  4. Is the creation of the industry development state funds for financial and credit support applicable? Are there similar successful examples abroad?
  5. Does the Law about industrial policy promote cooperation communications adjustment in the industry?
  6. Is the state analytical center necessary for industrial policy formation? What does its configuration include?
  7. How the sanctions mode will influence the industrial policy implementation? Whether effective industrial policy is possible in the conditions of the unstable relations with the developed world?
  8. Russia in the WTO: restrictions or incentives for industrial policy?
  9. What to do with the industrial growth staffing? Is the personnel question a serious problem?
  10. Do small and medium businesses play an important role at industrial policy implementation? Whether it is possible to provide the country industrial development at the expense of large corporations?
  11. What are the most perspective directions and countries for the international cooperation during the industrial policy implementation?
  12. How to combine interests of the center and regions when industrial policy implementation?