AIP seminar "Creation of Industrial park: from design to operation"


The board member of KPI Holding Kirill Zaytsev, the Head of department of investment projects of KPI Holding Igor Chuvardinsky and the Deputy head of sales of KPI Holding Roman Stroganov participated in AIP Seminar "Creation of Industrial park: from design to operation" which took place on March 19, 2015.

Igor Chuvardinsky, presented a unique product of KPI Holding - audit of the land plot for the purpose of Industrial park creation and development. In the report «The role of technical and legal audit while investment project implementation, “Industrial park” he told about the goals and objects of the technical and legal audit and results, achieved as the result of the performed work. This audit is the first step for the measures complex definition for creation and development of the Industrial park on the certain land plot. As the audit result the customer receives the increased budget of the engineer infrastructure construction of the Industrial park of “Greenfield” mode and a certain road map of the park creation and development.

The report presentation (.pdf).