Report on the Russia-Japan Investment Forum 2014


The dynamically developing Asia-Pacific Region, which can become the world centre of economic activity, makes us take a fresh look at the state of Russia’s Far East. While earlier the main hotbeds of growth and high-quality development were primarily regions of the European part of the country, now the priority is shifted towards remote territories in the east. Thanks to its geographical position and wide involvement in trade and economic relationships with many countries, Russia intends to act as a link between Europe and Asia. Russia’s strategic plans include large-scale projects on infrastructure modernization and development, promotion of manufacturing industries oriented at the external market, during implementation of which it is planned to involve high technologies from the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region. Leading Russian companies are interested in exchange of experience and development of applied sciences.

The conditions of the trans-border territory make the Far East Federal District a promising region for cooperation of business communities of Russia and the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.

A number of decisions developed for improvement of the investment climate in the east of the country, including those on preferential taxation for new investment projects, have already been taken. Besides, it is planned to create advanced economic development territories with special conditions for non-resource industries in the Far East and East Siberia.

Measures on attracting to and retaining in the district of qualified specialists have been provided for. Issues of modernization of the order of conducting customs procedures and removal of excessive administrative barriers will be specified.

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