Industrial parks: success components


Competition for the investments between the regions comes to the fore in an increasingly competitive climate in the global economy accompanied by financial instability. In certain regions the situation is aggravated by the internal problems leading to the regional disproportions.

As global experiment shows a necessary infrastructure element for investors attraction are industrial parks and other similar specialized platforms. However existence of park itself is not a sufficient condition for investors arrival. World experience allowed to define several components of the industrial park success.

Firstly, location. It includes proximity to a port or airport. Thus it should be cheap and convenient to carry out transportations from the port or airport to the industrial park.

Besides, while the place choice it is important to consider security with labor. On the one hand, enough workers with necessary qualification has to live in close proximity to the park, on the other — the salary shouldn't be too high. Suburbs of large cities are often chosen for the industrial parks placing because of these two characteristics reasonable balance.

It is also necessary to take into account the convenience for expats and professionals.   Foreign companies while location choice often prefer industrial parks due to the existence of ready-made infrastructure and ability of fast production start. Existence of accommodation conditions, social, entertaining infrastructure.

Secondly, the key characteristic of the park is its infrastructural assurance. In this case not only availability of elements providing infrastructure is important but their stable functioning and affordable prices.  These services providing requires a close interaction between various ministries, local authorities and municipal enterprises.  

The third important condition is the park effective management. Investors (especially foreign) face a large number of problems while production organization and the subsequent functioning. The management company of the park has to promote their successful work.  The management company support can include marketing, information and procedural support. If there is no the management company interest in successful work of each resident, even the industrial park with a good arrangement and excellent infrastructure characteristics will not be able to attract investors.

As it was already mentioned above, the industrial park is a necessary, but not sufficient condition for investors involvement. Activity in the region is defined by the investment climate and can be increased by means of competent territories marketing: this vigorous advance of the region, including abroad, investors informing on the existing business environment conditions, inquiries of specific investors examination.